Auto Line Truk inflatable Boot Camper Shell Topper Cap Seal Full Size Truck 3000 (TC200)


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Full Size All Weather Truk-Boot
Part Number: TC200

The Truk-Boot was designed to be used between truck cabs and caps with a gap of three inches or less from the point of the window and the truck cap. The Truk-Boot is made of quality PVC that makes it resistant to problems caused by exposure to sun and extreme cold. 

This product carries a two year warranty from date of purchase against faulty workmanship and material. Proof of purchase and date must accompany return of product. 

- Approximate Inside Dimensions are 24" x 16"
- Sliding window can still be opened with Truk Boot is in Place 
- Includes easy fill tube and repair kit 
- Installed between Cap and Cab