Oil Bearing Kit 8000# Axle #42 Spindle 02475 22580 8K Dexter Trailer 21-35 cap (BK-8000-OC)

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Trailer Axle Bearing Kit, 1.75" x 1.25" #42 spindle with Oil Cap

PN: BK-8000-OC

Auction is for ONE  NEW axle bearing kit, for one axle hub. Fits  8000# axles from Dexter, AL-Ko, Quailty, and others, both EZ-lube and Standard, with or without brakes.

You will need TWO for both sides of an axle, shipping is free on extra kits purchased.

CHECK YOUR BEARING NUMBERS BEFORE YOU BUY! (not all axles take the same outer bearing)

ONE #02475 Outer Bearing (1.25" ID) (please confirm before ordering as they do change with different hubs)
ONE #02420 Race (Fits #02475 Bearing)
ONE #25580 Inner Bearing (1.75" ID)
ONE #25520 Race (Fits 25580 Bearing)
ONE Aftermarket Oil Seal, replaces 10-63 (2.25" ID)
ONE Cotter Pin (Not shown in pictures but included)
ONE Tang/Lock Washer (Not shown in pictures but included)
21-35 Oil Caps
46-32 Rubber Plug
ONE 10-45 O Ring

STOP, before you buy, if you are not sure what your axle, hub or bearing size is, you MUST measure. I am sorry, but the axle manufactures have not been very consistent. Many use the same hub for several axle sizes. All inner bearings are the same, but the outer bearing (closest to the nut) may be different. You must confirm your outer bearing either by looking at the number, or measuring the outer diameter of the outer race. Also, the inner grease seal may be 2.125" or 2.25", if you need the 2.25". please specify

Fits standard #42 axle spindle used on 8000# axles (If you are not sure, see chart below, 7th and 8th lines down from top):