Build Your Own Trailer Axle Kit 2000# Camper SP204BT8 Axel (BYOAK-BT8-H545-SQ)

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Build Your Own 2000# Square Trailer Axle Kit
Part Number: BYOAK-BT8-H545-SQ

Use to build you own axle, or as a replacement.
Spindles have 3.36" long SQUARE "tail shaft", 1.50" square (Flat sides are EASY TO WELD)
Should fit inside any square tube, with 1.5" inside opening
Rated to 1000 pounds per wheel, 2000# axle

Includes the 5 bolt x 4.5 Hubs, bearings, spindles, axle nuts, everything you need except for the tube!
Just add common 2" square 1/4" wall tubing!

2 x Idler hubs 5 x 4.5" 2000# (4 lug x 4" Hub also available)
10 x Lug Nuts
2 x 1.98" Dust caps
    Part Number 021-041-02 OR DC-200L
4 x 1" Bearing
    Part Number: L44643
2 x 1.25" x 1.98" Seals
    Part Number: T-23970 OR GS-1250DL
2 x SP204BT8 Spindles
    Part Number: SP-150BT8-SQ
2 x 1" Axle Nuts
    Part Number: 6-1 OR FA-SN100
2 x 1" Round Spindle Washer
    Part Number: SW1000 or FA-SW100

Perfect for making your own axle, slips inside common 2" square tube, with 1/4 wall.  Hub face will be about 2 inches from the inner bearing shoulder

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