Pair of Equalizers for 2" Wide Slipper Spring 13" Long 7/8" Center Hole W/Nuts & Bolts (EQ-13-REBUILD-KIT)

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Two Equalizers for 2" Wide Slipper Springs 13" Long 7/8" Center Hole

Part Number: EQ-13-REBUILD-LN-KIT

13-1/8" Long equalizer connects slipper springs on tandem- or triple-axle trailers and allows for enough movement between the axles to keep the ride smooth and the load undisturbed. Fits springs with 9/16" diameter eye.

Kit Includes:
(2) 007-001-01: 7/8" Grease Bolt
(2) 006-111-00: 7/8" Nut for 7/8" Grease Bolt
(8) 91635B: 9/16"-18 x 3-1/2" Shackle Bolt (Extra Long)
(8) SB-LN-9: 9/16" Lock Nut for 9/16" Shackle Bolt
(2) EQ-13: 13" Equalizer
(4) NBI-2566: Bushing, Nylon 9/16 x 11/16 x 2"

Connects slipper springs on dual- or triple-axle trailers
Slip arched end of front spring into equalizer so that it rests on keeper bolt 
Attach rear-most spring with shackle bolt through the eye
Suspends from center hanger 
Transfers load and sudden impacts from one axle to another by permitting movement between the axles
Distributes weight evenly
Constructed of high-quality, 1/4" thick, hot rolled steel
Results in smooth ride for trailer

Fits 2" wide slipper leaf springs
Center bolt hole diameter: 7/8"
Side bolt hole diameter (for mounting spring): 9/16" diameter
Side bolt hole diameter (for keeper bolt): 3/8"
Dimensions: see diagram