Dexter 15K 12.25" X 5" Blue Wire Electric Brake Magnet Kit 23-446 23-447 Trailer (K71-378-00)


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Brake magnet Genuine Dexter 
Fits all 12 1/4" Brakes after 1992
 fits 7.2K, 9, 10, 12 & 15 thousand pound Trailer axles 

Includes new spring and clip
Fits Dexter axles only.
Wire color may vary, see below.

Note: effective beginning in 2017, all Dexter axles, with 12.25" brake drums will use the SAME magnet. We will work through our stock, but as we run out, we will start shipping the new Red/Blue wire magnets for all brakes between 7.2K and 15K
(12.25" x 2.5" thru 5" wide)