Add Trailer Brakes Basic Dexter 5x4.5 3500# Drums Genuine Dexter Backing Plates (94545-B-DEX)


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Add Trailer Brakes Basic Dexter 5x4.5 3500# Drums Genuine Dexter Backing Plates

Part Number - 94545-B-DEX

If you have a bad left brake and you want to replace it, this kit has what you will need. This kit fits standard 3500# axle, either Spring or Torsion, EZ lube or Standard. 
Most 5 bolt wheel trailers are 3500# axles. (does yours have a 2-3/8" axle tube?) Some small trailers (usually with small tires and a 1-5/8" axle tube) will have the smaller spindles, and for those you will need a smaller (or larger) brake kit. Look at the measurements below if you are not sure.


Measurements from Center Bolt Hole to Center Bolt Hole is 2 7/8" on Backing Plate

This Kit Includes: 
2- Genuine Dexter Brake backing plate, 3500# per pair, 10" x 2.25, RIGHT and LEFT
2- New Import 10" brake drum, 4.5" bolt pattern with races already pressed in 
 hardware to attach backing plates to axle mount plate (special 7/16 nuts).
All brake hardware, springs, levers, magnets, shoes, etc.
New inner grease seals
All New Wheel Bearings (Shipping loose with kit):
2 - 1.7" 10-19 seal
2 - L44649 bearing
2- L68149 bearing
10 - Matching lug nuts, 1/2-20
2 - New EZ Lube Dust Cap

Complete Trailer Brake Setup, with a drum, seal, Bearings, Brake shoes, new hardware, backing plate, for one side of an axle! 
for 3500# axles from Dexter, AL-KO, AXIS, Quality, and others!

If you have a 2.75" OD Tube and a Flange with 5 holes, (to bolt the brake plate to) your axle is the 7000# Axle

If you have a 2.25" axle tube and has a 4 bolt flange it is the 3500# axle.

If you have the smaller 1-5/8" axle tube and has the 4 bolt flange, it has the smaller 2000/2200# axle    

This auction is for a trailer with a 5 bolt, 4.50" bolt pattern!  I stock all sizes, so please check my other auctions or specify you want a different size!

Note: We offer two different types of brake kits. Basic Kits & Complete Kits
Complete Kits are for adding brakes for the first time
Basic Kits are for adding brakes to a second axle or replacing them.  

Make sure you double check that you are ordering the right bolt pattern before you pay