Dexter 3500# Basic Add Brakes to Your Trailer Kit with 10" Backing Plates and Drums


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Genuine Dexter Basic Add Brakes to Your Trailer Kit 

Basic Trailer Brake Setup, with drums, seals, Bearings, Brake shoes, new hardware, backing plates, for one axle! Fits Dexter, AL-KO, AXIS, Quality and many others.
This kit is perfect for replacing worn out brakes or adding brakes to a second axle. 
This Kit Includes:
- TWO - Dexter Brake backing plates, 3500# per pair, 10" x 2.25, one left, one right (Part Numbers: 023-026-00 and 023-027-00) 
- TWO - New 10" brake drums
- All hardware to attach backing plates to axle mount plate (special 7/16 nuts).
- All brake hardware, springs, levers, magnets, shoes, etc.
- New inner grease seals
- All New Wheel Bearings (Shipping loose with kit):
   - TWO - 1.7" 10-19 seals
   - TWO - L44649 bearings
   - TWO - L68149 bearings
   - TEN - Matching lug nuts, 1/2-20
   - TWO - New EZ Lube Dust CapsBolt Pattern