NEV-R-LUBE Bearing Kit 50mm Cartridge w/ Hardware 7k 7.2k 8k 8-385 (K71-995-00)


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Dexter AXLE NEV-R-LUBE 42MM Bearing Cartridge 7-8k K AXLE with SNAP Rings for Drum 8-385
Part Number: K71-995-00
This kit includes 1 each of the following:
  • 031-071-03 Dexter 50mm Nev-R-Lube bearing
  • 069-093-00 Retaining Ring
  • 069-096-00 Snap Ring
  • 006-183-00 Nut
  • 092-002-00 Label, Washer, Torque Specific
  • 005-149-00 Washer
Fits 7k, 7.2k, and 8k axles
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