Dexter Trailer Axle 10,000# Axel Beam 73.50" Hub Face 10K Big Tex Trailers 9-123 8-415 After 2009 New Style (6104142-KIT)


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Dexter Trailer Axle 10,000# Beam 73.50" Hub Face 10K Common Axle on many Big Tex Car trailers 
(and others!) 
Part Number: 6104142

This axle fits 2009 and NEWER Dexter 10K "G" axle (General duty)
 It does NOT fit Older Dexter axles! (2009 and older)

(to confirm this, your drum should have the number 8-415 or 9-123 cast into it, and your oil cap will be 3.5" thread diameter (cap number 21-88 cast into the plastic.) 

If your drum # is 9-44 (or any other brand of axle), and you have 4" oil caps, 
you need a OLD STYLE axle. (Click here)

Spring seat will be shipped loose, but included. Easy to weld on. 

FedEx not only charges $45.00 per axles for an oversize fee, at this time they are also charging an additional $37.50 (on top of the $45) for "extra handling". If you think shipping is incorrect, please contact us for a shipping quote, we are happy to do what we can to help!

- 5" Tube with 1/4" thick wall
- Friction welded to the spindle for a stronger weld 
- Fits a 8-430 or 8-415 hub (9-123 drum or 8-415 hub/drum)
- Perches Not Included 

- 73.50" Hub Face
- 74" Track Width
- Uses 387A Inner Bearing, 2.25" ID (not included)
- Uses 25580 Outer Bearing, 1.75" ID (not included)
- Uses 10-51 seal, 2.875" x 3.880"
 (not included) 
- Uses 21-88 Oil Cap (not included)