Exterior Black Shower Box with Hot/Cold Handles and Shower Wand RV Camper (VALPF166702)


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This shower box can be used externally or internally. This is an all-in-one unit with hot/cold handles, shower wand with hose, on/off switch all in a lockable box. The box itself is coated in fade resistant paint for a long lasting look even years later. Inside the box is a hot/cold water handle set. The shower head and hose also store in the box for protection from the outside elements. This box is lockable and includes keys. This shower box is ideal for campers, RV's, etc.

This kit contains: 1 Exterior Shower Box
(handles, faucet, shower head, keys included)

Measures: Box - 13-3/8"l x 8-3/8"w x 4-1/4"h
Cut Out for Box: 10-7/8"l x 5-7/8"w x 3-3/4"h
Shower Head Hose - 59"

Fittings: Shower Wand - 1/2" Female
Hot/Cold Water Inlets - 1/2" Female