Flip Automatic Jack Foot 6" extender Fastway Trailer RV Tall Sand Pad (88-00-6500)


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Flip Automatic Jack Foot 6" extender

The Fastway Flip allows you to stop messing around with your jack and get to the important things on your camping trip - like having FUN!
As you extend your jack, the Flip will rotate into a straight position instantly adding 6"
 to your jack!  As you retract your jack the Flip will swing itself upward into towing position for your travel.  No bending over, no blocks of wood, no hassle.

No more bending down or stacking up blocks.  The Flip automatically adds 6" to your jack as it extends.

It swings back into towing position automatically as jack retracts!

Box Includes:  
Flip Jack Extension
Installation Hardware

Fit most 2" inner tubes on round and square jacks.

Forget cinder blocks and boards. Instantly add an extra 6" of height to your jack and make lifting and leveling chores quicker and easier. It attaches permanently to the inner tube of a 2" jack and automatically flips down and locks into place as it extends. When you raise the jack, the foot folds up and tucks under the frame for sleek, hasslefree storage and transport.Weight capacity: 1,400 lbs.

Max Tongue Weight: 1,400# lbs 

Tools Needed For Installation:
Drill or Drill Press
3/16" Metal Drill Bit
1/2" Metal Drill Bit
(2) 3/4" Wrenches (open end, crescent, or socket)