FOUR - Laminated Padlocks Keyed Alike RV Trailer Camper ATV Motorcycle (42065)

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FOUR - 1-1/2" Laminated Padlocks Keyed Alike
Part Number: 42065
This auction contains: 4 x Padlocks (keyed alike)
12 x Keys (keyed alike)
Measures: Padlock - 1-1/2" x 3/4" x 2-1/2"
Keys - 1-7/8"
Do you need to lock the shed, your trailer, or toolbox? These padlocks are great for anything that needs to be locked such as buildings, campers, trailers, RV luggage racks, etc. These padlocks are made of steel and have a hardened steel shackle for the lock to resist any kind of cutting or prying. The cylinder in this lock is brass and has a 4 pin tumbler. 12 keys come with these 4 locks, they are ALL keyed alike so any of these keys will work with any of the same packaged locks.