Front Tow Hook 2 Receiver Hitch Truck Bumper 2 Tube Dodge Ram 4WD Winch Mount

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2" Square Tube Receiver hitch, 2003-2014 Dodge Ram

The hitch tube will bolt in the place the factory tow hooks bolt in. You can either substitute one of your existing tow hooks, or if you truck did not come with them, (but must have the holes!) just bolt this onto either side!

Allows you to put any type of attachment that fits the hitch on your truck! Tow hook, Clevis loop, Hitch ball, Step, Winch, really the possibilities are endless!

Includes bolts and hitch pin. DOES NOT include any hooks, ball mounts, etc. Click here to see the mounts and hooks we sell!

(If your truck is not equipped for the front tow hooks, this may not fit, look at the pictures, you must have 4 holes, about 2" x 5" )