Fulton A60 Breakaway rebuild service kit 1370303 Cequint Series Class IV 6K


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Fulton/Cequint 1370303
This is a New old Stock Replacement Breakaway Kit for an A60 Fulton Hydraulic Coupler
As you can see in the pictures it comes with a lot of replacement parts to fix the breakaway, not just the pull cable.
It also has a list of other replacement parts for the A60 Hydraulic Coupler that could come in very handy.  It comes complete with
the instructions on how to replace the parts in the breakaway.
It has the spring loaded Plunger and the cable and the plastic cover.  It also has a replacement nylon wheel.  This is a complete
service kit for the Breakaway switch for the hydraulic coupler.
These are no longer available - when they are gone they are gone and will not be able to be gotten any longer.
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