Greaseable Tandem Axle Trailer Spring Suspension Rebuild Kit Wet Bolt EQ-356 (SRK-TA-WB-356E)

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Tandem Trailer Axle Suspension Rebuild Kit with EQ-356 6-1/8" Equalizers and Grease able Shackle Bolts
Part Number: SHK-TA-WB-356E

We work on trailers in our Facility Every day!  The number one problem we see is worn out suspension! And there is now way to grease them!  Now, with this NEW kit, the bolts actually pump grease right into the bushings! AMAZING!

This is a kit to change all the "wear parts" on a standard tandem axle trailer (4,000 # GVW up to 14,000# GVW) . 
This is for standard "Eye to Eye " Springs, not "slipper" springs (bolt on one end of spring only),
For standard 1 3/4" wide springs.

This Kit includes Grease able WET BOLTS. Tired of replacing the suspension bolts on your trailer? With these wet bolts, you could add THOUSANDS of miles on to your trailer. 

And remember, we actually INSTALL what we sell, so if you have questions, just ask!

Kit consist of:
14- 9/16" x 3" Shackle Bolts
14- 9/16" locking 9/16" nuts
2 - Center spring pivot equalizers, 6-1/8" bolt to bolt wide.
14 (6 are already installed in the equalizers)- New Nylon Spring Bushings
8 - New Spring Shackle Straps 2.6"

Hole Center to Hole Center from Top Hole to either side hole is 2.50"
Hole Center to Hole Center from Side Holes is 6-1/8"

We are now offering kits with BRONZE BUSHINGS!