Heavy Duty Spare tire mount, Trailer RV Camper 6-8 Bolt Pattern Jeep Truck Wheel (STC-8 + ST BRACKET)

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Heavy Duty Spare tire Mount for 6 and 8 lug wheels

This is the spare tire mount I install on many of my trailers. VERY sturdy piece. I have these custom made, you can not buy one this heavy anywhere else!

Tire mount is slotted to accept ALL 6 and 8 bolt wheel patterns (from 6 on 5-1/2") Includes 1/2" stud bolts (3/4" nut) to bolt tire to mount. A truly universal mount!

Mounting Plate is 4.25" Wide 
Holes are 7/16" (for common 3/8 bolts, supplied by customer)

Welds or Bolts to frame with bolts using the supplies mounting plate. Has several different bolt spacings to allow it to fit many size trailer frames. Pre-punched 0.4" holes at 3.5" 4.5" and 5.5" spacing for 3", 4" and 5" frame rails.  Spaces tire up and out about 4.75" from frame.

It comes with 1/2" bolts to secure the tire, and a clamp plate (see pictures)
It DOES NOT come with 3/8" Bolts to bolt to your trailer, camper, or vehicle.

(applications vary SO much, it would be impossible to supply enough bolts of the right length for all installation applications)

Normally ships within 24 hours.


Volume discounts available! Just ask!


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