7000# Dexter 12" x 2" Nev-R-Lube Hub Drum 8 Lug 9/16" Stud Includes 50MM Bearing (008-385-81)


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Genuine Dexter Nev-R-Lube Hub Drum 12"x2" 8 Lug 9/16" Studs

50MM Bearing & Snap Ring Included!

Part Number: 008-385-81 

This kit contains:
1x Hub Drum
1x 50MM Bearing Cartridge (Already Installed!)

This drum is the Genuine Dexter hub drum with the 50MM bearing cartridge installed already!

12" x 2"
Hub Drum
50MM Bearing Cartridge Pre-Installed!!
Snap Ring Pre-Installed
9/16"-18 Studs (Lug Nuts Included)

Takes 21-86 Cap (Not Included)

Only to be used with Zero Offset to 1/2" Inset