K71-180-00-RP 10k 12k Trailer Axle Disc Brake Pad KIT, Set Fits Dexter K71-180-00 kit

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Direct Replacement kit for Dexter K71-180-00 Disc Brake Pads
10k-12k DEXTER Trailer Axles

Part Number:  K71-180-00-RP

- Brake pads fit disc brake calipers rated at 10,000 lbs and 12,000 lbs 
- Comparable to Dexter K71-180-00
- Semi-metallic brake pads

006-125-00 4 Nut, Hex Locking
010-062-00 20 O-Ring
046-105-00 4 Spring, Anti-Rattle
071-182-00 1 Installation Tool
DCM-7060 4 Brake Pad Assembly

 Includes 4 Brake pads (for use on 1 axle)

Brake pads are designed to apply pressure to your rotor to slow or stop your trailer's wheels.