Left Side 8 Lug Drum + 12x 2 Brakes Trailer 8x6.5 6000 7000 Electric Shoes 9/16 (568183-IMP-L)

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Complete Trailer Brake and bearing Setup, for one left side.
This is ALL parts on your axle, except the "axle pipe"! 
This kit will basically give you a Brand new left side axle!

Comes with the drum, bearings and seal, Brake shoe, new hardware, 12x2 Brake backing plate (left side), 

for 5200#, 6000# and 7000# axles!
Part#: 568183-IMP-L

We dont just sell them, we install them every day
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Fits both Torsion and leaf spring axles!

ONE Complete brake drum and hub assembly, includes all new bearings, Seals, Dust cap,  for one axle.


Includes 12x2 brake drum, to fit 8 bolt wheel
 #14125A Outer Bearing (1.25" ID) 
Inner bearing 25580 (1.75 ID) 
Dust Cap, 2.72" OD
8 - 9/16" Lug Nuts
and seals #10-36 2.25" ID and 2.125" ID seal, (You axle could use either one, we send both)  
New Left brake shoe, 12" x 2" 
New Magnet
All new Brake Spring and hardware 
All assembled on a new backing plate with (5) new 3/8" fine thread bolts 

One complete brake assemble, everything you need to replace the complete hub drum and all parts, assembled and ready to bolt on for the left side!

Fits #42 Spindle