Lock 'N Load Motorcycle Wheel Chock with Ratchet Strap TieDown Manual Tightening (BK-1000)

Lock N Load

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Lock n Load Wheel Chock with Straps for Motorcycle


Part Number: BK-1000

Includes [1] Lock N Load Wheel Chock with ratcheting wheel strap [2] Straps and [2] Sets of D Rings

 Lock-n-load wheel chocks are an innovative motorcycle tie down system for your trailer. Lock and Load tie downs bolt right to your trailer floor and hold your motorcycle safely upright even before it's strapped down.


The tie down system mounts to your tire instead of to your handle bars and does not apply force to your shocks. 

In addition to the Lock N Load System itself, the system is also offered with a unique rear tie down system from Cargo Buckle.

 The Cargo Buckle system is Manually tightened.

 The Lock-n-Load system can be removed from the trailer by loosening two bolts, leaving only a flat mounting plate in place.

A garage stand is also available so you can use your tie down system when it's not in your trailer. 

  • - Self locking deluxe powder coated wheel chock
  • - Quick disconnect mounting plate with built in front tire tie down 
  • - All necessary hardware.  
  • - [2] Cargo Buckle Ratchet Straps
  • - [2] Special D Ring Kits  

D Ring Measurements:

- 4.75" Long x 2.50" Wide