Maxxima MWL-11HL 4" Round Rubber Housing LED Work Light 750 Lumen Tractor truck (MWL-11HL)


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Maxxima MWL-11HL 4" Round Rubber Housing LED Work Light

Quaility Costs money.... 

Maxxima Is quaility, with a Warranty to back it up. No LED's that burn out in 6 months, or lights that fill with water... this light has a UNBREAKABLE rubber housing Stainless steel mounting, fully sealed light with polycarbonate unbreakable lens, good optics for a clear bright beam not some disappointing LED Light that was "supposed to be bright".

  • 12/24 Dual Voltage LED Work Light
  • Real 750 Lumens Light Output
  • 6 LED Super Bright LED Work Light
  • 4" Round
  • Surface Mount Stainless Steel Bracket
  • 1200ma  12VDC / 630ma 24VDC

Price is for one light, if you need more than one, put the number you need in the box next to the buy it now button.