NOCO Black Battery Box with Snap On Lid for Group 24 Batteries Trailer Marine (HM300)


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Hardened Plastic Black Battery Box, Snap On Lid, Strap Included

Part Number: HM300

This kit contains:
1x Battery Box
1x Snap On Lid
1x Strap for Securing

Hardened plastic resistant to battery acid, UV rays, gas, and impacts
Handles for easy lifting and moving
Multi use for trailers, campers, boats, generators, almost anything with a battery
Made for Group 24 batteries
2 Vents on the lid for breathing
Meets U.S. Coast Guard Standard 183.420

Internal dimensions: 10-1/2" L x 7-3/16" W x 9-5/8" H
External dimensions: 14" L x 10" W x 10-11/16" H
Strap 42" Long