3-3/4" Oil Cap w/ ORing & Plug 10K-16000# Hayes Alko Trailer Axle Bearing Dust 21-219 (K71-859-00)


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One- Hayes / ALKO / 3-3/4" Oil Cap Assembly

for 9K-16K ALKO Drums
Also fits Kodiak Disc Brakes

Includes rubber plug and O Ring seal!

New Dexter PN: K71-859-00

ALKO Part number K568220

Kodiak Disk brake part Number Q-10-14k-PCAP

ALKO Oil Cap, O-Ring & Plug for 9000 pound to 16000 pound 

Outside Diameter of Threads on Cap: 3.67"
Overall Height of Cap: 2.9"
Inside depth approximately 2.75"
Across Flats of Nut: 2.25"
Plug Hole Diameter: 1.17"
Length of Threads: .6"

Please note: These caps fit Kodiak,  and ALKO HD Brakes. As Such they may come with the name "ALKO",  "UFP", or "KODIAK" on them!  They are all quality products, and are interchangeable, so dont worry!

  • clear plastic cap 92125
  • center plug
  • rubber o-ring 3-7/8"

    (Part number "3" below)