ONE - Genuine Dexter Replacement Seal Grease 9K 10K GD Axel 3.88" OD 2.875"ID (010-051-02)


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ONE  - Genuine Dexter 2.875 x 3.880 Oil Seal for 9K - 10K Dexter Axles
Part Number: 010-051-02

Dexter Recommends using this seal for replacements, repairs, or service.

This seal is Genuine Dexter
This seal is made by Dexter special for replacement use, on 10K General Duty (GD or "G")
Dexter does NOT recommend the standard 010-51-00 seal

This is for one oil / grease seals for Common 9,000# and 10,000# Generally Duty trailers axles, typically found with 12.25"  x 3.375" drum brakes. This is a "unitized" oil seal, in the it is a "internal" seal designed to work with oil type hubs.

This seal usually fits hub casting numbers 9-44, 8-415 and 9-123 to name few.

A unitized seal is a dual action seal. The inner part stays fixed on the spindle and the outer casing rotates with the hub. This type of seal has less wear and tear and provides better leak protection.

- 2.875" I.D. 
- 3.880" O.D.

Cross Reference: 
- Dexter: 010-051-02
- National: 370150BGO

This seal will often TCM OB2838051 is stamped on the air side of the seal.

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Number on seal (if any) and appearance may be different from above, depending on Manufacturer Sourced

These Seals are Dexter Part Number 010-051-02 replaces BOTH 010-051-02 and 010-051-00. 

This seal is slightly thinner to avoid rubbing against bearings in the hub due to a tolerance stack up.