Pair - 1"x 6' Ratchet Strap Tie Downs with Coated S Hooks Motorcycle ATV (8550266)


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Pair - 1" x 6' Standard Ratchet Tie Downs with Coated S Hooks
Part Number: 8550266

This kit contains: 2 x ratchets, 2 x straps with s hooks

600# Load Capacity as a pair (300#ea.)
1800# Break Strength

Measures: Strap - 1" x 6'4" from S Hook to End
Ratchet - approx 2" x 5" closed 

These ratchet straps are great for holding down loads such as atv's or golf carts. Also, great for holding down tarps or strapping down a load of scrap. They are very easy to use and don't use much storage space. 

*A Safe Working Capacity is 1/3 of the Rated Capacity*
 this product has a safe working capacity of 600lb