Pair - Stub End Replace Idler Axle Kit 5x4.5 Hub 2000# BT16 Spindle (BYOAK-5X45BT16-DNUFB-KITX2)


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PAIR - Build Your Own 2000# Trailer Axle Kit 5x4.5
(SP-150BT16 Flanged Spindle)

Part Number: BYOAK-5X45BT16-DNUFB-KITX2
Use to build you own axle, or as a replacement. 
Spindles have 3.50" long  "tail shaft", 1.50" Round
Rated to 1000 pounds per wheel, 2000# axle.

Includes standard 1"  Inner and Outer Bearings, L44643

1.25" seal ID, T-23970
Includes 2 of the 5 Bolt x 4.5" Hubs, bearings, spindles, axle nuts. Everything you need except for the tube for on side of an axle!

2x Idler hub. 5 x 4.5" 2000# (4 lug x 4 Hub also available)
10x Lug Nuts
2x 1.98" Dust cap
4x L44643 Bearing
2x T-23970 1.25" ID Seal
2x SP-150BT16 Flanged Spindle
2x 1" Axle Nut
2x 1" Spindle Washer

Perfect for making your own axle, slips inside 1.50" ID tube, Round. The flange is not for brake system. The flange is used, in this case, for mounting purposes such as fenders or accessories.