Recessed 8" Round LED Interior Light 1500 lumens RV Camper Trailer TecNiq (E08-LC00-1)

Tec Niq

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One Recessed 8" TecNiq Round LED Interior Light 1500 lumens

Part Number: E08-LC00-1

This thin, low-profile lamp can also be used in harsh environments where power consumption and ceiling space are limited. Superior color quality of TecNiq’s accucolor technology gives a more natural color.

The E08 utilizes 31 of the latest-generation white LEDs for color stability and long life. Through Tecniq's industry-leading lens design, the light from these high-output LEDs is precisely guided to the work surface providing a smooth and even area of illumination while minimizing glare in operator’s eyes.


- Excellent interior illumination
- Vibration proof, moisture resistant design
- NFPA and Triple K compliant - Reliable performance over 50,000 hours
- Powerful output of 1500 (31 LED) lumens illuminates a wide area
- 12VDC and 24VDC
- AccuColor LEDs provide superior color rendering for more natural skin tones to facilitate a more accurate diagnosis in medical lighting situations
- Smooth lens is easy to wipe clean


LEDs: 31
Lumens: 1550 (31 LED)
Voltage: 9 - 30V DC
Current: 1.12A - 1.52A (31 LED)
Wire: 9"
Mounting: Fits standard mounting holes on an 8” circle with (4) #8 screws
LED Colors: Neutral White