Replacement Roof Vent Cover RV Trailer Camper 14x14 Cargo Plastic Lid (145W)


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Replacement Roof vent cover

You are looking at a easy to install replacement roof vent for standard 12" Roof vents on cargo trailers and campers / RV's

This unit fits right over your existing hinge, so there is no drilling, cutting,  or anything too difficult to install this roof vent cover. Simply slide your old roof vent off the "bottom half" of the hinge, and side the new one back on. Flex the crank arm a bit, and it snaps back into your new cover... Done!  This is the replacement cover only, white translucent, measures approx. 14" x 14" outside (fits standard 12" inside opening).

Basically to over simplify it, you are pulling out the "hinge pin". So the cover comes with "half" of the hinge, already riveted to the plastic, You re-use the other half of the hinge, which is riveted to the base.  Just slide the the old cover off the hinge, and slide the new on on. You can almost do it without getting on the roof, reaching through the vent opening!

This is the vent with the METAL HINGE (most vents from around 2016 and older)
Newer vents from Ventline have plastic hinges, to check before you order!