Replacement 56.5" Hub Face 2000# Axle Beam w/4 U bolts Trailer Axel pipe only 2K (7101091-ubolt)


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R and P Carriages 270 E Jackson St Seneca IL 61360

2200# Rated Trailer Axle, 
With 4 U Bolts and 2 Tie Plates

Common width used on Some Harbor Freight Trailers*

These are USA Made Axles, That work with USA Size COMMON Bearings and seals you can get at any Auto Parts store of Farm supply! 

*If your current axle has metric bearings, this axle WILL NOT work with your hubs. 

 1 56-1/2" Axle beam
2 Spring centers
4 New U-Bolts
2 Tie Plates

(Bearings Hubs and Seals Not included)

Uses Standard USA 4 or 5 Lug 2000# hubs
L44649 Bearings (1-1/16")
Standard 2000# hub Grease Seal


56-1/2" hub face to face
46-1/2" spring Center to Center, spring mounts on TOP of the axle*
Tube is 1.75" round, with spring mount pads welded on.

This axle is manufactured in the USA!!!

* We can weld these spring mounts in a DIFFERENT Location, top or Bottom, if you want, or leave the loose and YOU weld them in place. Please let us know you want them in a different place or lose 
(call or message, and make sure we get the message! otherwise, they will come welded at 46.5" centers, springs on top of axle)