Replacement Disc Brake Pad Kit Dexter 10K - 12K Calipers Trailer Axle Hydrauilc (K71-180-00)


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Dexter Hydraulic Disc Brake kit
for one 10K or 12K Axle
Part Number (PN): K71-180-00

This kit will replace the old, worn down brake pads on one axle of your trailer. It is to be used with hydraulic Dexter disc brakes rated for 10K lbs. or 12K lbs. 

This auction includes:

  • 4 Nuts (PN: 006-125-00)
  • 4 Anti-Rattle Springs (PN: 046-105-00)
  • 4 Brake Pads (PN: 091-003-00)
  • 20 O-Rings (PN: 010-062-00)
  • 1 Instruction Sheet (PN: 059-214-00)
  • 1 Installation Tool (PN: 071-182-00)

                    NOTE: PN is for one unit of each item