Replacement Trailer Bearing Kit fits Dexter 10K GD 10-51 Seal Axle 9-123 8-415 (BK-430-GD)

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10k Bearing Kit for Oil Bath Axles
12-1/4" x 3-3/8" Brake Drums
Fits 10K GD Axles After 2009

Part Number: BK-430-GD

This is a replacement bearing kit for 10k GD axles made after 2009 (Dexter axle # D100G). 

Often used with drum 9-123, 430 series, and 8-415 series, 12-1/4" x 3-3/8" hub drum assembly. Use this kit when just changing the bearings, seal, and oil cap (oil cap will have the number 21-88 cast into the clear plastic cap). 

Kit Includes:
1x 3.5" Oil Bath Cap (21-88)
1x O-Ring for Cap 
1x Plug Insert for Cap
1x 1.75" Outer Bearing (25580) 
1x Race for Outer Bearing (25520)
1x 2.25" Inner Bearing (387A)
1x Race for Inner Bearing (382A)
1x 3.88" x 2.875" Seal 

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