Replacement Truck Connector 7 way trailer plug OEM Pigtail Wire Harness Plug (OE12)


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Chevy/Ford/Nissan 7 way Way Truck 
Trailer Connector Plug OEM connector.
Used on many late Model GMC, Chevy, Ford Nissan and other Trucks

This socket is designed to replace the factory plug on your truck.  This is the plug that plugs into the BACK of the 7 way trailer plug.  If your existing wiring system on your truck is damaged or green, you can use this plug to replace yours.

Wires are 12" long behind the plug.

This trailer harness receptacle is a new, aftermarket replacement part. It is designed to REPLACE the original trailer hitch plug that may have corroded or been damaged causing an electrical failure in your trailer lights or brakes. If the plug is your problem, then this is just what you need to get your vehicle in good trailer towing order again!

Please be sure this is the plug you need. It is a part of the main truck wire harness, and is normally not replaceable, however we have these made so you can replace them on your truck if needed, without having to go to the dealer and get the entire rear wire harness for your truck 

You must have a basic knowledge of vechile wiring in order to install this. It does not come with instructions (but if asked, I will try to help)  It is very likely that the wire colors on this pigtail will MOT be the same colors as your truck. You must test and wire by FUNCTION, not color. We have listed "typical" colors below, but these may not match your colors!

If your trailer lights or electric braking systems are not working properly, this plug may be the answer!

This Replacment Trailer plug fits many GM Factory mounts and connectors, This plug is the standard 7 way blade type plug used on many trucks.  For example, on GM Trucks, This would be the replacement if yours Trailer plug twists into the holder on the rear of the truck.  

Wiring Code
Molded Connector            
Usual Trailer Wire
White Wire Ground White Wire
Red Wire Left Turn and Brake Yellow Wire
Brown Wire Right Turn and Brake Green Wire
Green Wire Tail Lights Brown Wire
Blue Wire Brake Power Blue Wire
Black Wire 12 volt (hot lead) Black Wire
Yellow Wire Aux. -

Please note, obviously not every truck ever made is the same, please confirm you truck is equipped with this style connector before ordering: