Trailer Axle Oil Bath Hub 10K GD RP008-430-03 8x6.5 Kit 9-123 Fits Dexter (RP8-430-03-KIT)

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Aftermarket 008-430-03 Hub for 9K, 10K, & 13G Trailer Axles, 8 on 6.5", After July 2009

Part#: RP8-430-03 (Fits Drum 9-123)

This hub was used introduced in May of 2013 to supercede Dexter one-piece hub and drum part numbers 008-415-02 and 008-415-04. Axles built by Dexter after July 2009 had a closer bearing spacing, and Dexter went to a one-piece hub & drum combination that was not compatible with the previous design. In May of 2013, Dexter discontinued that one-piece hub & drum combination and went to a two-piece design with the same, newer bearing spacing.

The one-piece hub and drum part numbers are no longer available, so they must be replaced with this 008-430-03 hub and the 009-123-03 drum. See the Related Parts tab for the brake drum. 

(This is for 2009 and newer axles, drum will usually have 9-123 cast into it)

Special Notes
Fits axles built after July 2009
Product Description
Manufacturer: M-Parts
Dexter cross reference Part Number: 008-430-03
Wheel Stud Size: 5/8"-18
No of Wheel Studs: 8
Wheel Stud Bolt Circle: 6.50"
Inner Bearing Cone: 387A (included)
Inner Bearing Cup: 382A (included)
Outer Bearing Cone: 25580 (included
Outer Bearing Cup: 25520 (included)
Oil Seal: 10-51 (included)
Hub Cap: 021-088-00 (included)

Cross References: 84303, 00843003, 8-430-03


In 2009 Dexter made a significant change to 9,000 and 10,000# GD axles. Hubs and drums made for 2009 and older axles WILL NOT interchange with 2009 and later axles! (brake shoes, seals & bearings usually remain the same for all years)

  • Dexter's "old style" two piece hub drum 288 (8-288, 8-232, 8-256) series (Feb. 1990 to July 2009) is not interchangeable with "2009 & later"  hub drum 8-415 and 8-430 series (after May 2013)
  • The 9-123 drum fits 008-430-03 hub, it will not fit the 2009 and older 288 series hub. The older 288 hubs take the 9-44 drum
  • Dexter's two piece hub drum 430 series (after May 2013) is interchangeable with Dexter's one piece hub drum 8-415 series (Aug. 2009 to May 2013)