Greaseable Tri Axle Suspension Rebuild Kit EQ-310 Trailer Spring 3.125" Shackles (SRK-3A-WB-TE-3.125-BB)

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Tri-Axle Trailer Suspension Rebuild Kit 3" Wet Bolts 
and EQ-310 Equalizers

Part Number: SRK-3A-WB-TE-3.125-BB

This is a kit to change all the "wear parts" on a standard TRIPLE axle trailer 
(up to 21,000# GVW) .  
This is for standard "Eye to Eye " Springs, not "slipper" springs (bolt on one end of spring only), 
For standard 1-3/4" wide leaf springs.

This Kit includes GREASABLE WET BOLTS. 
Tired of replacing the suspension bolts on your trailer? 
With these wet bolts, you could add THOUSANDS of miles on to your trailer. 

Kit Consists of:
24 - 9/16" x 3" Hardened Shouldered "Wet Bolts"
    Part Number: 
24- 7/16" locking flange nuts (not pictured)
    Part Number: 
4- Equalizers, 6" bolt to bolt wide, 4" tall centerline to bolt hole
    Part Number: EQ-310
24 - New 
9/16" Bronze Bushings
    Part Number: BU1-1566B
16 - New Spring Shackle Straps 3.125"
    Part Number: SL-3.125