Two 6" Oval Red LED TecNiq Stop/Turn/Tail/Reverse Light Surface Mount Trailer (T70-RWST-KITx2)


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Two 6" Oval Red LED TecNiq Surface Mount Stop Turn Tail Reverse Light Kit

Part Number: T70-RWST-KITX2

TecNiq's 6" oval LED stop/tail/turn with integrated reverse light. By bringing the four functions together in one light, you'll save on installation and product costs, including inventory and shipping expenses.

These lights employ the same world-leading lens design and high quality construction used throughout our product line to create a top quality, cost-effective lighting solution.

- Save time and money with our new combination Stop/Tail/Turn and Reverse Light
- Fits all standard 6 oval applications
- Available in grommet, surface, or flange mount
- High intensity function only draws 0.14A at 12VDC
- Reverse function uses an additional 0.30A
- Meets all FMVSS 108 requirements for wide and narrow vehicles
- Lifetime Warranty

- LEDs: 8
- Voltage: 9 - 14V DC
- Current:  0.11A-0.13A Red (brake) AND 0.24A-0.30A White
- 7" on Center Mounting Holes Lengthwise
- 2-3/4" on Center Heightwise

 Wire Colors
White Wire: Ground
Yellow Wire: Reverse
Red Wire: Brake 
Black Wire: Tail Light