Tandem Axle Trailer Spring Suspension Rebuild Kit Bolt 3/4 EQ-R83 Equalizer Axel (SRK-TA-WB-R83)

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Tandem Trailer Axle Suspension Rebuild Kit with Wet Bolts and 2.56" Shackle Straps and Straight Equalizers 
Part Number: SRK-TA-WB-R83

This is a kit to change all the "wear parts" on a tandem axle trailer (4,000 # GVW up to 14,000# GVW) . 

These equalizers are for double-eye leaf springs with 9/16" spring eyes and the center bolt hole diameter is 3/4" and the left and right bolt hole diameter is 9/16"

And remember, we actually INSTALL what we sell, so if you have questions, just ask!

Kit consist of:
12 - 9/16" x 3" Hardened Standard Bolts
12- 9/16" locking 9/16" nuts
2 - Center spring pivot equalizers, 8", 9/16" end holes, 3/4" Middle Hole, no rise
14 (6 are already installed in the equalizers)- New Nylon Spring Bushings
8 - New Spring Shackle Straps 2.56"