Tekonsha P3 Trailer Brake Controller Prodigy FREE SHIP (90195)


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Brand NEW P-3 (90195) Brake Controller!


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Newest Offering From Tekonsha, Direct From R and P Carriages, An Authorized Dealer! We can 
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    * Distinct, easy to see LCD display with multiple color and contrast options.

    * User can customize to choose English, French or Spanish display.

    * Allows the user to switch between Electric and Electric Over Hydraulic trailer brakes.

    * Highly advanced, easy-to-understand, roadside diagnostics.

    * Easy access, "Up-Front" controls

Tekonsha's orginal "Boost" feature allows for different levels of customized braking. The Tekonsha P3 with it's compact dash-hugging design, also features a unique easy-to-use clip-mounting system, and quick disconnect for easy storage; convenient storage pouch included.

There has never been a more advanced, yet user friendly, proportional brake controller system offered for trailer braking than the Tekonsha P3. In addition to multiple language, color and contrast options, the LCD display features highly advanced, easy-to-understand roadside diagnostics as well.

Item No: 90195

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