TIEDOWN Vortex Trailer Hub Replacement Cap w/O-ring, 5 Lug Axle Dust Grease cap(TD48355BV)


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TIEDOWN Vortex Trailer Hub 

Replacement Cap w/O-ring, 

5 Lug Axle Dust Grease cap 

The Vortex hub hub system by Tie Down Engineering is designed to be a "No-Touch" hub with limited maintenance. Vortex caps are made for easy removal and install.

Constructed of high quality, hard plastic
O-ring provides a snug fit on the hub so that grease stays in and contaminates stay out
Threaded cap design for easy removal and installation
Cannot be used with 6-lug Vortex hubs, only Vortex hubs with 5 bolts
Outer Thread Diameter: 2 5/16"