Trailer Bearing Buddy, Stainless Steel, 5200# axle 2.44 (07656U)

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Trailer Bearing Buddy, Stainless Steel, 5200# axle 2.44
Part#: 2.44 Trailer Buddy, no bra

Stainless Steel Trailer Bearing Buddies!

This auction is for two (enough for one axle) Stainless Steel Trailer Bearing Buddies, (not standard Chrome plated steel) For the standard 5200# axle with the 2.44 inch diameter Dust cap  

What size do you have? The only way to know for sure is to measure yours, I can be about 90% sure with counting the lug nuts. A 5 hole wheel will  usually have a 1.98" dust cap, and 6 hole wheel will usually have a 2.44" dust cap, and most 8 hole wheels have a 2.71" dust cap. The only way to know for sure is to put a tape measure on your to confirm: do you have 2" or 2 3/8" or 2 3/4"? I stock all sizes, see my other auctions.   


Boat Trailers: 
Trailering, even a short distance, heats the hubs. When the wheels are submerged during launching, the hubs suddenly cool and the air inside the unprotected hubs contracts, forming a vacuum which draws in water through the rear seals. There is no such thing as a rotating seal that stays perfect. Water and grit thus drawn into the hubs relentlessly destroy bearings. When properly installed and maintained, Bearing Buddy prevents wheel bearing failure and eliminates bearing repacking. Boat trailer wheels can be completely submerged.

Utility Equipment, ATV, Horse, Camping, and other occasional use trailers: 
These trailers, because they are not used regularly, are also subject to bearing corrosion and failure from condensation moisture from air sucked into hot hubs as they cool. Moisture stays in the hubs causing rust and pitting until they are reheated when the trailer is used again.