Trailer Brake Backing Plate Flange 5200, 6-7000# Axle 3-1/8" HOLE 5 bolt bracket (BF-6-1)

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3-1/8" Center Hole Trailer Brake Backing Plate Flange
Part Number: BF-6-1

- Flange is made out of High Grade Steel
- Used on 5,200#, 6,000, 7,000 LB axle
- Must be welded on.

- Measures 4-1/2" Width, 4-1/4 Height, 5" Corner to Corner, 1/4" Thick
- 3-1/8" Inner Hole Diameter, Takes 3/8" Bolts
- 2-1/8" spacing (measured from center of mounting holes to the next)

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For use in adding brakes to a axle that does not have them, and needs this flange welded on.

The 12"x 2" drum brakes use the Round 5 Bolt Flange  (Commonly used on 5200#, 6000# and 7000# axles).

Most modern 7" and 10" Electric Drum brakes use the same standard 4 bolt square flange. (7" brakes are used on 2000# axles, 10" brakes are used on 3500# Axles). 

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