10ft. Increments Trailer Electric Brake Wire, High temp 14-2, 15 amp RV camper (WRB142-10-LOT10)

R & P Carriages

Regular price $19.99

14-2 Heavy Jacketed Trailer Brake Wire Cable, by the foot! 
Sold in 10 ft increments.


Designed for trailer use, heavy red rubber 60 degree C jacket Protects wire from damage. Great for brakes, and even better wire to use for lights! Double jacket insulation protects wire from damage!

Has  two wires, 14 gauge each.

Sold by the foot, in 10' increments, get as much as you need!  Ebay will not allow me to sell any item for less than $1.00, which forces me to sell this product in 10' increments. So, for example, if you need 30 feet, buy "3" items. the wire will be in one length, not cut into 10' lengths!