Trailer Plug Adapter 4 Flat Truck End to 5 Round Trailer End Wire Camper Lights (F45R)


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4 Flat Truck End to 5 Way Round Trailer End Adapter 

You are looking at a special trailer plug adapter I sell which will allow you to pull a trailer with the 5 way round plug, even though your truck has the 4 flat plug commonly found on most tow vehicles

This plug consist of a female 5 way round connector that the trailer plug can plug into, and 4 way flat plug to plug into the back of your tow vehicle.

Again, the 4 way flat end fits your truck, and the 5 way round end fits the trailer.

This Adapter Should Work for You IF:

Your Towing Vehicle Plug Looks Similar This
Your Trailer Plug Looks Similar This

Wiring Code
Molded Connector            
Usual Trailer Wire
White Wire Ground White Wire
Red Wire Left Turn and Brake Yellow Wire
Brown Wire Right Turn and Brake Green Wire
Green Wire Tail Lights Brown Wire
Blue Wire Brake Power Blue Wire
Black Wire 12 volt (hot lead) Black Wire
Yellow Wire Aux. -

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