Trailer Wheel Bearing Kit- 3500# UFP Axle EZ Loader 44649 /68149 Boat 2.33" Seal (BK2-233)

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UFP Axle 3500# Bearing Axle Kit, 2002 AND OLDER!

This bearing kit fits all 3500# EZ Loader, Ranger, and many other boat trailer axles, and some utility/cargo trailer axles.  This kit is for square tube axles HUBS built before 2003, the seal is 2.33" OD If you are not sure MEASURE!  

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(NOTE- UFP Axle HUBS built after 2003 will have a larger 2.56" OD x 1.68" ID grease seal)

This auction includes the following:
(1) L44649 Outer Bearing
(1) L68149 Inner Bearing
(1) L44610 Outer Race
(1) L68110 Inner Race
(1) Seal: 1.68 ID x 2.33 OD (UFP Part Number: 32372) Will not fit Standard Trailer hubs AT ALL! Only UFP HUBS!

Fits 2002 and older UFP Axles, which will have a SQUARE TUBE, (not round center tube)  with the OLD hub with 2.33" OD Seals!

Usually found on Boat trailers, Ranger, EZ Loader, etc.