TWO 12.25" x 5" Dexter Brake Backing Plate Electric Trailer 15,000# 12K 15K axle (023-446-447)


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R and P Carriages 270 E Jackson St Seneca IL 61360
2- 12.25" x 5" 12,000 to 15,000# 
Dexter Brake Backing Plates

PN: 23-446-447
MPN: 023-446-00 AND 023-447-00


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These are complete 12-1/4" diameter electric brake assemblies made by Dexter®. A complete, or otherwise known as "loaded", brake comes pre-assembled and ready to be mounted onto your flange with existing bolts and nuts. If existing harware is no longer useable, new ones are available here for purchase. These brake use a forward self adjusting feature which adjusts the brakes on each forward stop. As the shoes wear on the drums, the adjuster arm rotates the screw assembly at the bottom of the brake, expanding the shoes to fill in the gap. 


Dexter® 12-1/4" electric trailer brake assembly features and specifications:

  • Both sides- 12.25" x 5" electric drum brake for use with 12-1/4" drums
  • 7-hole flange mounting hole pattern (hardware not included)
  • Has an individual weight capacity of 7,500 lbs. (15,000 lbs. per pair)
  • Good for up to 15,000 lbs. axles
  • Forward Self Adjusting Feature
  • Made in USA

Benefits of Never Adjust Backing Plates
- Eliminates brake adjustments
- Brakes automatically adjust to deliver optimum performance and braking power
- Reduce stopping distances 50 percent more than other brakes