TWO 250 # Torsion Half axles 4 bolt hub Motorcycle Trailer Camper short arm


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(TWO ) new 250 Pound Capacity Torsion axle

This is for both sides -  you will get a left and a right side.
Has 4 bolt hub (common 4x4"  bolt circle)

(We have these in the common 5 x4.5" bolt pattern also, and with other weight ranges, click here)

These are the same axles used on many of the factory built small pull behind motorcycle trailers (I cant name names)

This is good for a motorcycle pull along trailer and more. Just bolt it onto your frame and your are set! At 500 pound capacity per pair, it is perfect for smaller light trailers, and with the smooth ride of the Rubber Torsion axles, you won't get that bouncy jiggly ride! If you buy 2 you will get a left and a right!