TWO Grease Seal Trailer Axle 2.33" x 1.50" Boat Axel UFP by Dexter 07024 U (07024U-LOTOF2)

UFP By Dexter

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TWO - Trailer Grease Seal for UFP Trailer or Boat Axles 1.50 x 2.33 
Part Number: 07024U-LOTOF2

Double lip design, for use in some 5200#, 6000#, and 7000#  Trailer or Boat Axles Axles from Dexter, ALKO AXIS, QUALITY, AXLETEK and others

- 1.50" I.D. 
- 2.33" O.D.

Cross Reference: 
- UFP Part#: 07024U
- Texcom: 150233

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Number on seal (if any) and appearance may be different from above, depending on Manufacturer Sourced

This UFP Axle is usually made from square tube, and almost always found on Boat Trailers.