UFP DB-42 Right Hand Zinc-Plated Brake Caliper Assmbly Boat Trailer DB42 (36020RU)


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UFP DB-42 Replacement Brake Caliper
Part Number: 36020RU

The innovative Trailer Buddy Disc Brake from UFP, is the result of 6 years of research and development and is based on 12 years of of experience with disc brakes used in the marine environment.  The disc brake is designed from scratch specifically for trailers and the marine environment. It is not an automotive product converted for use on trailers.The patented caliper design minimizes brake chucking, a major complaint with trailer brakes.  All potential binding points are rustproof.  There is no metal to metal contact points in the caliper slider/pivot pin., and the brake pad slide surfaces are stainless steel.   The combination of a ventilated rotor, large braking surfaces, rustproof organic brake pads, anti-chucking design and stainless steel components sets a new standard for the trailer industry.

These DB-42 replacement calipers are to be used only on DB-42 disc brakes. This auction does not include the 2 brake pads, 2 spring clips, nor the retainer wire necessary to complete the installation.