UFP Dexter Caliper Short Mount Right Hand fit 8" Rotor Pontoon Trailer UFP (41999RU)

UFP By Dexter

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UFP Dexter Caliper Right Hand with Short Mounting Bracket fits 8" Rotor

Part Number: 41999RU

This Kit Contains:
1x Left Hand Caliper (089-012-02) (41999R)
2x Brake Pads - Installed (091-07-00) (33009)
1x Anti-Rattle Retaining Clip (054-110-00) (33006)
2x Mounting Bolts (007-303-00)

- On Center Mounting Bolts: 1-7/8"
- Short Bracket for Mounting
- Commonly on UFP or Pontoon Trailers
- Zinc Plated
- Fits Special 8" Rotor Part Number: 41294 or 008-443-05
- Alternate Part Numbers for Caliper: K71-774-02 or 089-012-02
- Similar to DB35 Caliper but with Short Mounting Bracket