UFP Hybrid Oil Boat Trailer Buddy Axle Hub Vault Pressurized Bearing Grease Bath (07036U)

UFP By Dexter

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"The Vault" Trailer Buddy 
Hybrid Oil

Part#: 07036U

There is no need for inspection or replenishment of this lubricant. The VAULT Hybrid Lubrication System uses proprietary Hybrid Oil Lubricant specially designed
by UFP. At ambient temperatures the oil is thick, with a viscosity approaching grease. As the bearing temperature rises during towing, the oil thins out, replenishing the bearings with lubricant and dissipating heat. For optimal performance, only UFPs Hybrid Oil Lubricant should be used in this system, which is what this auction is.

  • No service required
  • Hybrid Oil
  • Thick like Grease when at ambient temperatures
  • For Trailer Buddy Axles using The Vault HLS (Your Oil Bath Protector should be black and say "The Vault" on it)