UFP Second Generation Rotor 10.25" Brakes Boat Trailer Axle fits DB-42 3500 Disc (32235)


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DB42 Rotor 10.25"
PN: 32235U

This Rotor/Hub will fit your DB-42 boat trailer axle spindle.

This DB-42 disc brake rotor is painted black and vented to help dissipate heat. This UFP product can be used with trailer axles that have are rated up to 3750 lbs, so it will work with the common 3500 lb axles, and they can be used with 13", 14", and 15" wheels. You get what you see in the pictures!                 

This rotor will work for 3500# Ranger boat trailer axles that have a l44649 outer bearing and L68149 inner bearing OR hubs that have both a L68149 inner and outer bearing. I highly recommend replacing both the hub and rotor. They have both been to the same places and have the same amount of miles on them, chances are they are both worn out  

Diameter: 10-1/4"
Bolt circle: 5 on 4-1/2"
Minimum Thickness: 22.40mm