UFP SS 1.68" OD Spindle Wear Ring Sleeve DB35-42 3500 Boat Trailer Axle Seal (33522U)


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Replacement UFP Stainless Steel Spindle Wear Ring
PN: 33522U

This sleeve fits ONLY UFP (Unique Functional Products) Brand Axles, 3500# to 4200# rated.

This is NOT a repair sleeve. It only works on axles that came with the sleeve pressed on from the factory. To replace, Previous experience is recommended. Cut the old sleeve off, then using the inner bearing as a "mandrel, along with a short length of PVC pipe of some other type of sleeve, tap into place with a mallet. 

If you do not know what brand axle you have, please find out before ordering. All 3500 to 4200# UFP axles use a 1.68" grease/oil seal size. All UFP axles use a sheet metal "bottle cap" cover over palin Axle nut (not a castle nut) and the cotter pin goes through the bottle cap nut cover (not the nut)

The factory does NOT provide Dimensions! All Dimensions listed in this ad are APPROXIMATE and are for reference only. Our Micromater is not a professional grade tool so we can not guarantee accuracy!
OD = 1.68"
NO LUBE GREASE HOLE in the sleeve

NOTE- If you have a UFP axle (what these fit) the axle nut is held on with a  thin steel "bottle cap" type thing and a cotter pin. (if you have it you will know)  If you do not have that type of axle nut, this likely will NOT fit your axle)